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FastLabel How To

Seven Simple Steps for Any Size Bottle

Getting Started

Print & Cut Your Own Designs on Any Type of Paper

Place Label in Sleeve

Slide Label Between the Sleeve & the Bottle

Shrink the Sleeve to the Bottle

Dip in Hot Water for ½ Second. A Blow Dryer Works Too. Heat WILL NOT Affect Your Brew or Wine

Wipe Excess Water

Dab the Outside of the Sleeve to Remove Excess Water. Safe to the Touch

Trim Excess Sleeve (Optional)

Use a Blade or Sharp Scissors to Trim Excess Label Sleeve (Optional)

The Best Part!

Enjoy your Brew or Wine with Friends!

Remove the Sleeve

When Ready to Switch Labels, Cut the Sleeve off with a Blade or Sharp Scissors. No Soaking, No Scrubbing