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Competition Rules

Fill a FastRack24 Rack

Put a Beer Box on It

Flip the Box Over

  1. Must be at least 21 years of age to compete
  2. Must use standard, non-modified FastRack Beer rack (24 holes)
  3. Must use standard, 12 ounce International Standard Beer Bottles
  4. Participants must only handle one bottle per hand at a time
  5. If a bottle breaks, a redo will need to be done. After 2 redos the contender will be disqualified
  6. Only one competitor can compete at a time
  7. All videos must be submitted by Friday May 19th, 2017 to be entered to win a free ticket to the Homebrew Con
  8. Winners will be announced on Monday May 22rd, 2017. If a ticket winner cannot make the World Championships at the Homebrew Con, their ticket will be given to the next runner up. If a ticket winner already has a ticket to the Homebrew Con, they will be able to transfer the ticket to a friend to bring them to the Event
  9. All finalists competing at the Homebrew Con will need to be members of the American Homebrewers Association. If someone selected for the finals at the NHC and is not a member of the AHA, they will have to purchase a membership for $51. For more information on becoming a AHA member
  10. Winners will be chosen based on the fastest times submitted by video over the course of the season