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FastFerment Wins Gold at the National Homebrew Competition!

Proving FastFerment is one of the best fermenting options for any level homebrewer or winemaker has been our goal from day one. Everyone knows conical fermenters are better than flat bottom fermenters but just how good is FastFerment?

Award Winning - That is How Good

FastFerments are AWESOME enough to help Curt Wittenberg win his first ever Gold Medal in the National Homebrew Competition in Baltimore in 2016 hosted by the American Homebrew Association. This is the largest Homebrew Competition in the world and the Other American Ales Category had 256 entries. Some of Curt’s quotes & photos can be found below.

"I love my FastFerment fermenters. They have streamlined the process and helped me brew my first NHC Gold Medal beer."

"My FastFerments have really upped my brewing game. They give me the advantages of expensive stainless conicals while keeping the size and cost manageable."

"Brewing with a FastFerment means easy trub and yeast collection easy, quick and clean transfers to the keg and high portability in an inexpensive and easily maintained package. It has streamlined my brewing."

If you or your friends win any sort of competition we’d love to get you listed on our website.
Please send us the details & happy brewing & winemaking!

Curt's Full Testimonial

"My FastFerment fermenters have taken my brewing to the next level. After several years of fermenting in buckets and then plastic and glass carboys, I purchased two FastFerments and immediately noticed a improvement in my brewing process and quality of my beers. My brew days are more convenient, my wort is cleaner, my yeast use is improved, my transfers are faster and my beer is clearer and better quality. I can’t help but think brewing with FastFerments brought me more quickly to medal winning quality and contributed directly to my ability to win an NHC Gold Medal. Together, those changes more than justify the purchase price.

Although each change may be subtle, they all come together to give me better beers with less hassle. I used to hate transfers to the keg or bottling bucket, manipulating the siphon tube to avoid picking up trub and yeast. Now I hang the FastFerment on the wall mounts, remove the collection ball and let the fermented beer flow directly to the keg. The yeast, sitting undisturbed in the collection ball, is ready for repitching or to be saved for a later brew day. It’s all quick and easy.

My favorite recent addition is the sampling spigot. Now getting a hydrometer sample is as simple as turning the spigot, no more opening the fermenter and dipping the wine thief. Another opportunity for introduction of oxygen and contamination is avoided and I’m on my way.

All in all, my FastFerments are one of my best brewing purchases."