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How the FastRack Speed Challenge Works

Jes & Casey Explain the FastRack Speed Challenge

Jes & Casey Explain the Speed Challenge

Year 3 Finale!

FastRack Speed Challenge

The Objective

Fill a FastRack with 24 empty 12 oz. beer bottles, put on a standard beer box and flip the whole thing over in the fastest time.

  1. Designate time at your club meeting, conference or event for a FastRack Speed Challenge
  2. Submit your event to us in the "Submit an Event" section of our website so we can post it to our Events calender and Social Media
  3. Promote your event using your website, Facebook, Twitter and other online tools
  4. To set up your challenge, you will need:
    • Large sturdy table
    • 1 FastRack24 (beer) Rack
    • 24 empty bottles + extra for breakage
    • 1 empty 24-bottle beer box
    • Timer that will be visable in video - cell phones and iPads work well
    • Recording device - a quality cell phone is usually sufficient
    • Towel or blanket for under the table to catch flying bottles
    • Sign-up sheet for participants including: name, email, phone number and time columns (see DOWNLOADS)
  5. Either do a time trial or a head-to-head elimination style contest to find the "Fastest Hands"
  6. Get the recording device ready *only recorded challenges will be accepted into the FastRack "Fastest Hands" Competition
  7. Begin the first participant with the countdown "3-2-1 FASTRACK"
  8. Start the timer and the participant must fill the 24 bottles into the rack, put the box over top and flip the box over. Time stops when the box is on the table.
  9. Record the total time of the participant and repeat steps 6-8 until everyone has participated
  10. Upload your three fastest times and email them to [email protected] with the following information:
    • Retail Store or Homebrew Club Name
    • Participant's name
    • Time
  11. Have fun!

What are you competing for?

This is the 3rd season of the Worldwide FastRack Speed Challenge Championship! This is a sport for everyone. Competitors are entered to win 1 of a very limited number of tickets to a sponsored event (TBD) through FastBrewing's Sponsorship of the event. 5 other wild card contestants will be selected to participate in the Championship. Finals will commence in June and someone will be crowned the winner, showered with FastBrewing products and much more. They will also win a complimentary ticket to the 2017 Homebrew Con in Minneapolis, MN. Will you find the "World's Fastest Hands?"

Check out the Speed Challenge Highlight Reel from 2014 Championships!

2015 World Champion - Ken Marechek

Awesome Participants from Year 2!