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3G FastFerment FAQs


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    1. Where is my Hose Barb?

    Your hose barb is now located in the valve box, it's the same colour as the valve. The white one in the picture is an old model.

    2. Does it need to be covered or can it be left under fluorescent lighting?

    The vessel is made from White HDPE Plastic. It keeps 90% of all light out but in order to keep 100% of the light out, the vessel needs to be covered in a non-transparent sheet/cover. The 90% compared to the 100% will not result in much better quality product; only slightly better. The system works without covering it.

    3. What are the dimensions of the FastFerment in the Stand and Wall Mounts?

    4. Bottom collection ball volume?

    Various based on the jar used

    5. What is the max volume of the vessel?

    The max volume is 3 US Gallons / 11.3 Litres

    6. Would there be enough headspace to not need a blow off tube if I only made one gallon batches?

    There is enough headspace - no blowoff tube needed