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FastRack FAQs

    1. Is FastRack Dishwasher safe?


    2. Does FastRack work with 22 oz. Bomber Bottles & Wine Bottles?

    Yes FastRack will hold bomber bottles but it cannot hold 24 bottles per rack. It can fit 12 - 22oz. bottles per FastRack.
    The neck of 26oz (750ml) Beer Bottles is too wide to work in FastRack. 750ml wine bottles work fine.

    Click Here to see FastRack Wine/Bomber which is designed to work with all standard bomber & wine bottles.

    3. Do you ship internationally?

    Please see our worldwide retailers here.

    If your local store is not carrying FastRacks please email us at Info@FastBrewing.com and we will contact them.

    We do not sell direct to the public all sales are through our retailers.