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FastLabel FAQs

    1. Do FastLabels work for 12oz. - 22oz. bottles?

    Yes. Fastlabel 12oz works with all 12oz (330-355ml) beer bottles. FastLabel Beer/Wine 16-26oz works with all 16-26oz (500-750ml) bottles.

    2. Does dipping my beer/wine in hot water affect it?

    Professional temperature testing on the effects of the hot water dip prove that heat does not penetrate the plastic sleeve and glass enough to alter the temperature of the liquid more than a standard ambient temperature shift. Hot water dipping and heat tunnel applications are common with professional breweries and wineries. Yes It Is Totally Safe For Your Brew!

    3. Do you sell direct to the public?

    No - We only sell through our retailers. Click Here to see our retailers.

    4. Can I use a Laser or an Inkjet printer?

    Either. Your paper label is protected behind a tight plastic cover so it doesn’t get wet. FastLabel sleeves hold on better than any homebrew label on the market; even in the ice water cooler test. You actually don’t even have to use printed paper. Use photos, stencils, feathers, etc. Anything relatively flat will work so be creative!

    5. Will I have to trim my sleeves before I use them?

    Usually not but not all bottles have the same shape. We suggest you do a trial bottle for the first one. If the very top of the sleeve doesn’t shrink around the neck of your bottle completely use scissors to cut a little off the top off your next sleeve before putting the bottle in. Do this until you like the result and cut the rest of your sleeves to that length. We have found 99% of bottles work without trimming needed.

    6. When applying, the sleeve shrinks down the bottle. Why?

    Watch the video on our homepage. You will notice you have to hold the top of the sleeve until roughly half the bottle is in the water.