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Poll: 14G FastFerment

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#1 Mon, 02/13/2017 - 17:46

Poll: 14G FastFerment

Please reply with YES or NO for if you'd buy a 14G FastFerment

Hi Everyone,

We hope the week is going great!

All of our products at Fastbrewing & Winemaking come from suggestions from homebrewers and winemakers. We love getting feedback on how to improve our current products and also what we should make next. Please keep emailing us with your questions and ideas - We are always all ears.

Without further delay below is our newest product we are designing and we want your feedback!

14 US Gallon - 53 Litre FastFerment

1.5” Teflon Seated Union Valve
--Current FastFerment uses the same style valve except 1”
14G total internal capacity including the Collection Ball
37 - 44 ounce Collection Ball
--Let us know your preferred size
304 Stainless Steel Thermowell
304 Stainless Steel insert for Thermowell to screw into
--This one is a maybe as it has been tricky to figure out
Slightly thicker walls (.137”/3.5mm) to give more rigidity and robust feel
No wall mounts - Very sturdy stand included in base model
--This FastFerment will sit much deeper in the stand and be very stable
Exterior Volume markings on the Conical Body
Exterior Volume Markings on the Collection Ball
6” Screw top lid with our newest hollow silicon gasket
--This the same lid we use on our current FF. This lid will have little dimples that add grip and there will be no sealing issues!
Estimated footprint in the stand will be 18” by 18” by 39”
Works with the current Thermometer and Spigot W/Drill Bit Accessories

Potential Future Accessories
Mason jar adaptor
Taller stand for fitting kegs underneath
Adaptor to make 7.9G FF Collection Ball fit to this unit
Insulated Jacket/Some type of cooling device

The Best Part?
We are doing a pre-sale for 1000 of the Base Models at a discounted price!
Presale Price - $150 USD plus $20 USD Shipping

Target MSRP after Presale = $190 - $205 USD Plus Shipping
(We haven’t confirmed this but this is range we are aiming for)

The Presale will start later in February with a ~2 month delivery time.

If you want to keep in the loop add your email address on our site www.fastbrewing.com

(Feel free to cross post this in another thread if anyone thinks it fits better there)

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 12:45

14 G FasFerment

YES! I am definitely planning on getting the 14 G size. I don't know if it will be in the first 1000, but it is definitely now on my wish list!

Tue, 02/21/2017 - 19:35
bflowers's picture

14G FastFerment

I registered to provide this feedback. I have two of the current FastFerments and they've performed reasonably well. Though I have had both valve clogging and lid sealing issues. Nothing that I couldn't recover from with a little ingenuity. Every fermentation with your product has been better than anything I made in the buckets I started with.

Before advancing to a larger sized fermenter, I'd really prefer an updated (or brewmaster) version of the existing 7.9 gallon fermenter. A larger junction between the fermenter and the collection ball with an improved lid design would be good incremental steps.

Also for consideration might be a stainless steel version of the improved fermenter. Though I realize that this could be prohibitively expensive, I do believe that the FastFerment product is game changing and shouldn't be limited to a plastic material.

My humble suggestion is to consider significantly evolving the existing 7.9G product before moving on to a larger size.

Sat, 03/04/2017 - 09:48 (Reply to #3)

I disagree. I recommend to

I disagree. I recommend to even go to a 1bbl size in the future, as is. Stainless steel for home-brewing has it own evils and to me, HDPE is fine.

My recommendation is to replace threads for valve assembly for a gasket/clamp system. I had some issues with leaks. The current lid is fine. I apply a little bit of food grade grease to facilitate closing.

Another thing is that since I always make a yeast starter, I get tons of yeast accumulation, which forces me to use a regular bucket for primary fermentation. I then use the FF for secondary fermentation.

Sat, 03/04/2017 - 09:35

Vessel Volume

Hello All,

Is the "14 gal" the working or maximum volume?


Fri, 10/06/2017 - 17:12
Rex Berry

New 14 gallon Fast Fermenter

I have the 7.9 gallon version. It works good - BUT the threaded end is VERY weak. Mine almost broke off the first time I used it.
I suggest that the valve assembly come into contact with a shoulder, to avoid breaking. Mine has a leaking crack right where the threads meet the main body.
Maybe the J B Weld for plastics will stop the leak.
I would like a 15 gallon version (14 is OK) that can hang as my 7.9 gallon version does, (and stronger mounts for the extra weight), with a shoulder for the valve assembly to come into contact with.
I like the ability to hang mine from a wall! It saves me space. With the suggested stand, It would not be practical for me, as I would have to build a heavy load shelve for the tapered body to pass through to hang it off the floor. BUT, I can do that! Maybe I can sell YOU a wall mount (ex-Tool & Die maker I am)!!
Also, include the bottling attachments that came with mine. I have NO desire to have to siphon to fill bottles!
The new size collection ball is good, but I would like it to be interchangeable (maybe with an adapter), with the unit I now have, and vice versa.

Put me in the lottery for the new unit!! I have the bucks and need it. I am expanding my operation and am looking at more than one unit.

Wed, 10/18/2017 - 20:04

Only if it is made better than the 7.9

Initially I loved my FF 7.9 worked fine 1st use. 1st issue is lid would not seal so had to get new gaskets and use Teflon tape on threads. Then collection ball leaked on seam, so again had to replace it. then the lid cracked and a second lid cracked, and new collection ball shows signs of leaking on the seam where it was molded. Sending whole mess back to FF as soon as I get a box. hopefully they will look at it and use it for quality control. Back to buckets and carboys I guess.

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